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LinkedIn ABC (in English)

Welcome to the LinkedIn workshop on 6th June at 12-3pm in FUEL Kouvola!

The workshop focuses especially on two questions – why and how you can utilize LinkedIn in your daily life, networking, and also in finding a job.

We’ll discuss things particularly from the perspective of advancing your own expertise. The goal of the workshop is to provide concrete tips and inspiration for your own LinkedIn usage. Please bring your own laptop or phone with the LinkedIn app installed.

Themes of the workshop:

▲ What is your own LinkedIn objective?
▲ Should you ”tune up” your LinkedIn profile? And if so, how?
▲ What is the anatomy of a good LinkedIn post?
▲ What do I talk about, what do I follow, and what is my LinkedIn usage like? What actions are needed? What rhythm and what kind of content?
▲ Practical tricks and tips for your own LinkedIn usage.

To those attending the workshop, we offer the possibility of having their LinkedIn profile picture taken by a professional photographer.

The workshop will be facilitated by Juha Sorjonen, the Account Director at Avidly. Juha has over 10 years of experience in coaching, training, and consulting on the use of LinkedIn, both personally and in business.

Juha’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juha-sorjonen/ You can also send Juha a LinkedIn invitation before the workshop.

The number of participants is limited, so register now!

Registration: https://www.lyyti.in/linkedinabceng


The workshop is organized by three projects: DIH Kymenlaakso – Digibuusteri project is co-funded by the EU. XGS – The Future Needs and Experts of Game Technology project is funded by the Häme Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). The activities of Robocoast EDIH are co-funded by the European Union, Business Finland, and Robocoast EDIH’s implementing partners. The registration information will be used in the aforementioned projects for purposes such as webinar attendance, event communication, and project reporting.

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Onsite workshop on how you can use LinkedIn in your daily life, networking and finding a job.